Sunday, February 8, 2009

Post-Ride Report

Thank you everyone for making the 1st ever East Bay Mixed Terrain Alley CX a success! 69 riders registered and almost everyone completed the course - with only a few technicals causing people to bail out. While the course was a little tricky, and lots of riders didn't hit all the checkpoints, most people seemed to have a good time - even if they were getting lost on the trails in Joaquin Miller Park.

Big thanks to the event sponsors - B. Spoke Tailor for coming through with some fancy knickers and arm/leg warmers for the top finishers; Box Dog Bikes for the pink Deep-V rims; Chuey Brand for cycling hats and t-shirts; De La Paz Coffee for the beans; Montano Velo for the shoes; and Missing Link for the laptop bag. Thank you sponsors!

Shout out to the checkpoint workers - Tristan, Paul, Sam and Tom - for hanging in their while riders trickled through; and Jojo, Tarak and Jason for helping out with things at the lake.

Special thanks to Murphy for hooking up the after party beverages! Thanks Murph!

I saw lots of riders taking pictures of the race and after party. Several have already made their way to the internetz. Check them out here:

Jenny Oh's Flickr
Jon Suzuki's Flickr (photos by Paul Musso)
Little Daniel's Flickr
Davin's Flickr

For folks that care, here are the final results from the event.

Top Guys (all checkpoints and stamp points):
1. Blake
2. Mike M.
3. Paolo
4. Matthias
5. Isaias
6. Grey
7. Dave V.
8. John B.
9. George T.
10. Peter K.

Top Gals:
1. Kelly C. (all checkpoints and stamp points)
2. Arena
3. May
4. Jenny
5. Wendy

Top Singlespeed/Fixed:
1. Bernard (all checkpoints and stamp points)
2. Josh T.
3. Stephen V.
4. Adam S. (fixed)
5. Jeff R.

King of the Hill (Tunnel Road):
1. Mike F.
2. Walton
3. Adam S.
4. Kea
5. Josh T.


Lanterne Rouge (DFL):
Koshi, Dennis and Seth

Top Finishers (missed one or more checkpoints or stamp points)
1. James J.
2. Walton
3. Josh T.
4. Murphy
5. Morgan F.
6. Thomas H.
7. Adam B.
8. Stephen V.
9. Dave L.
10. Daten

With one event under my belt, look out for an even better follow-up race later this year. Stay tuned!


  1. good fun! good work evan.
    I found a couple things i think riders lost along the course: a mini pump and a cycling cap--if they're yours, maybe reply to this and i will try to get them back to you asap.

  2. Evan, thanks again for organizing! Thanks to all the check-point workers. It was a great ride. Can't wait to do it again.

  3. That was SO MUCH GODDAMN FUN. Thanks again to you and your crew Evan, top notch trouble makin'.

  4. Sooooo Fun...I loved the sibley loop...i dont' get out enough! Thanks again