Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Greatest Rally Cat Ever

11.30 Saturday. Meet here:

Mandela Parkway (AKA Cypress Freeway) Median Park

The ride will start at 12.30 SHARP. Take BART there. Ride your bike. Drive your car. Whatever works. The race will end across the street at Peralta Studios. We'll have a secure spot for dropping your bag off.

We're super excited about showing off some of the best mixed-terrain riding in the East Bay. The route includes a traditional mix of city riding, semi-rural roads, gravel roads, and fire roads. Here are a few tips on preparing for Saturday.

What to Bring:

 - A Bike. You'll want one. As Jason mentioned below, bring a bike your comfortable riding in a variety of conditions. As to be expected, a cross bike is pretty much perfect. A road bike with wider tires or a mountain bike will get you through the day, although certain sections will be more of an effort.

 - $10. Ten Bucks. 1,000 pennies. This will get you a map, a little baggy to put the map in (and keep the sweat out), food and drinks at the finish, and a day of riding some of the finest roads and dirt in the East Bay. It might also buy you some new friends.

- Water. Two bottles full. Rest assured that while the route will take you through some rather remote areas, you will never be too far from a water source.

- Tools and a couple inner tubes.

- Layers. The weather forecast looks good for Saturday, but as we all know, it can get mighty cold out here. Welcome to spring in the Bay.

 - Whatever else your might need to get you through the day. GPS devices, smartphones, food, talismans, prayer, etc.

Getting ready for these things is always a scramble. And we apologize if we're forgetting anything. For more tips, check out Jason's informative post below. See you all on Saturday!

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