Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pump up the tyres. And get ready for a muddy good time.

Things are coming together for Saturday.

As a reminder, registration will open at 11:30 at the northwestern corner of Lake Temescal. $5 signs you up for the ride, gets you a map of the route, and food and refreshments at the end of the ride.

The ride will promptly being at 12.30 sharp. The speediest riders will probably complete the course in a little over 2 hours. The after party will be held at the starting location in Lake Temescal.

The course is approximately 25 miles and roughly 50/50 road and dirt. All dirt trails are "legal" and allow cyclists. However, on some trails riders will be sharing space with hikers and dogs. Please be considerate when passing. As mentioned below, the East Bay is very hilly, and this ride is no exception. There will be steep paved climbs, downhill dirt descents, gradual dirt climbs and other conditions. Choose a bike that you will have fun on and will get you through the course safely. Keep in mind that we've had a bit of rain the last two days. Conditions will likely be muddy.

What to bring?
Layers, water, and tools - including a spare tube, patch kit, mini-pump and multi-tool. If you want to bring a bag with a change of clothes, there will be a bag check at registration. Maybe a snack or two.

What are the prize categories?
While we hope people turn out for the ride with the intent to have fun, there will be prizes for top finishers. Categories will include: 1st Overall (male and female), 1st Fixed/Singlespeed, 1st Klunker (loosely defined) and Lanterne Rouge (DFL). Depending on how things play out, other categories may be added last minute. Anyone that jeopardizes the health and safety of other riders will be DQ'd.

I guess that's all you need to know. Ride safe and we'll see you Saturday!!


  1. 25miles?
    Better be a lot of climbing. Me want epic.

  2. Loved the mudskiing in sandals! =]p

    Mountain unicycle group wants to know next time! Yes they really rock the hills on one wheel.

    Or email me jason at healthycity dot net.