Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thank you!!! And a few results...

Thanks again to everyone who came out last Saturday to ride around some of the best roads and trails that the East Bay has to offer. 86 riders signed up this year! And special thanks to the sponsors, checkpoint workers and others that came through and made the second East Bay Alley CX event a success. Check out the links below for some photos of the event:

Plattyjo's Flickr
HotMark's Flickr
J. Suzuki's Flickr

We're already thinking about our next event (maybe this summer???). Stay tuned. For now, check out some of the top finishers from the ride:

Men (completed all checkpoints)
1. Johnsten
2. Matthias (singlespeed)
3. Kea (singlespeed)
4. Krishna
5. Dayton
6. Fred
7. Thomas H.
8. Blake
9. Bobo Clown (Austin)
10. Peter D.

Women (completed all checkpoints, first place tie determined by mean round of rock/paper/scissors)
1/2. Kathleen
1/2. Kelly C.
3. Celeste
4. Carol (singlespeed)
5. Kelly B

King/Queen of the Mountain (ie. Tunnel Road)
Walton and Kathleen

1. Carol (old singlespeed Peugeot road bike with slicks)
2. Justin ('88 Rock Combo)

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