Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rally Cat Postponed to April 16

I hate to do it, but this storm blowing through the Bay Area has really put a damper on planning for the Rally Cat this year. So we've decided to push the date back on the event to Saturday, April 16 @ 12pm to let the trails dry out, figure out some other logistics, and maybe pick up some more sponsors. Sincere apologies to the folks that have requested time off from work or arranged day care for kids in order to attend the Rally Cat. To make up for it, we've got something else a bit more pavement oriented (did I just say that?!) brewing for folks to do this Saturday - ride details forthcoming. Otherwise, keep posted here for more info on the April event!


  1. Bummer!

    I was excited for the race on Saturday but I'll be on vacation on April 16th. I guess there is always next year for dirt and mud. Until then, pavement it is. :(

  2. still no discussion of the 'where'. i'm assuming temescal as usual?